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Team Coaching

How do the rowers row in perfect synchronized harmony to win the snake boat race?

The oarsmen listen to the drum beats and synchronize their rowing.

To the rhythms flowing underneath, to the call for celebration, our strengths arise.’

Our teams’ conversations create this flowing rhythm underneath. At the heart of every team is its conversations.

If you really want to change the dynamics in your team, its engagement, trust, performance, then look at its conversations.

Bringing new change, strategy, growth, agile ways of working do not start at the policies, actions or the elaborate structures. It begins with people talking to each other, fueling their ideas, passion, connection to build the culture of change. It begins with having a safe space to have such conversations, a coach to show the systemic view.

What to expect from a team coaching engagement?

Team coaching is a 6–9-month long engagement of reflection, dialogue, reframing situations, shifting mindsets and feedback over a series of sessions.

A typical team coaching program could include –


Defining scope, identifying key indicators and measures of success.

Diagnostic work with key stakeholders and participants.

A team development intensive to clarify team vision and goals, build connection and enhance their learning/change.

Team coaching sessions of variable length to catalyze positive leadership and productive engagement.

A final evaluation where the team reflects on its learning and achievements and maps the road ahead.

The coaching approach is based on systemic coaching, positive psychology and appreciative inquiry and strongly anchored on ICF competencies and ethics.
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