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Masterstrokes: Re-inventing Leadership in Uncertain Times

This book helps to answer two important questions:
What does it mean to be a leader today and in the future and how can you be the hero of your story and lead in a way that best harnesses the incredible potential of your generation?

This book is for leaders whose decision-making challenges increase as the unknowns multiply. Masterstrokes paves the way to script your leadership narrative, to lead the changing followership, to race towards uncertainty and create innovative solutions needed to succeed in the surplus economy.

Masterstrokes catalyzes personal transformation and positive leadership through a research-backed seven-step model, STROKES, to empower leaders to lead in uncertain times when they are dealing with a rising gig economy, shorter delivery cycles and flatter organizations.



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Leadership is a journey, one where different leaders end at different destinations—true leadership is exhibited more in the journey, showing the Being of the leader. This book brings into an exploration of the Being of the leader—awareness, action, facing uncertainty, reflection, ownership and, more importantly, purpose. Dr Latha easily transcends the various components of leadership, as if she is a commentator in the journey like a Sanjaya in Mahabharat. This will be a landmark book on leadership—one that I will read multiple times.

R. K. T. Krishnan

Country Head, Corporate Sales at Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co.

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The book is a masterstroke! It brings alive the nuanced stance of a Coach triggering a thought-provoking inquiry into the norms, roles, and context of leadership as we knew it. A very relevant book given the current reality of the VUCA world where leaders travel uncharted paths with no known norms, formats, dictats to fall back on. It’s a call for a clear shift in re-imagining a Leader’s journey. The author’s grasp of the current context and the conversational style laced with humour drawing from ancient folklore and mythology makes this a delightful read.

Priya Ramesh

Leadership Coach Co-Founder, Orenda Centre for Leadership Excellence

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Dr Latha’s latest work, comes at a timely juncture, reminding leaders—new and existing—that leadership is a journey and a narrative that needs to involve and engage all. ‘We must change the way we do business in this world of permanent excess supply,’ a quote from the book that is a fitting reminder of how the world has changed and that no individual leader can be a superhero to thrive in the longer run. Dr Latha cleverly weaves in stories whilst unfolding the leadership narrative through her seven-step model (STROKES) that can help you rewrite your leadership story.

Janet Yung

Chief Learning Officer & Director, Trilogy People Performance Consultancy

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Intensifying global competition, rising performance expectations and proliferating social and economic problems everywhere have put an unprecedented premium on leadership. This book will describe the areas you need to excel in and how to build those abilities. Dr Latha Vijaybaskar provides ambitious professionals with the frameworks, guidance and tools they need to excel in their careers. With the step-by-step framework, time-honed best practices, real-life stories and concise models, each comprehensive chapter will help you to stand out from the pack—whatever your role.

Alison Geskin

ACC CODC CEC CLC Founder and CEO, The Art of Strategy

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A very conversational and relatable way of storytelling with the required intersections of making the reader correlate the story to reality and back to the story. The pauses make the impact that much more appealing and stick to memory. Characters are built around concepts and then new concepts are introduced to ensure that characters go through the growth curve in their minds. Appreciate the thought that went into sketching and then stitching it all together seamlessly. Will endorse the book and encourage young and mature managers alike to give the book a Dekho!

Kanishka Mallick

General Manager, HR Times Internet

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Know the different hues of leadership which help to take on any unforeseen challenges. The storyline is engaging and adds a good flavour to the aspects of what it takes to be a good leader. 

Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh

The Gain Enabler High-Performance Business Coach & Best Selling Author

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Masterstokes: Reinventing Leadership in Uncertain Times is a timely and contextual book set in current times. It is enlightening and moving, centred around a dialogue between a Leader and his Coach. It has many practical and actionable lessons for everyone. It is a welcome addition to the leadership book bag.

Sridhar Ganesh

Managing Director & CEO, Adrenalin eSystems Limited

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There is a need for leaders to learn and re-learn often on Leadership for uncertain times. This book attempts to provide great learning to all on leading in uncertain times. The approach of the book to defining a problem, taking through a journey and building a leader is incredible, which gives greater insights to the readers. I am sure this book will help young managers and leaders to script their own personal leadership narrative and build passion  Within to reach success.

Dr Anbuthambi Bhojarajan

President, ICT Academy

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Dr Latha in her book takes us through an awesome journey of leadership from the perspectives of Arjun and Ved. It’s refreshing to see the new thought process that is essential for leaders in these changing times. I especially loved the book’s narrative style which kept me engaged throughout the reading. If you care deeply about building leadership qualities and if you want to pick up subtle nuances, put this book on your essential reading list.

Sivakumar Palaniappan

Leadership Mindset Coach

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Journeys get easier when the map is good. The seven-step plan in Masterstrokes is just the roadmap you need to navigate the future in your own leadership journey. Don’t leave home without it!

Prakash Iyer

Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker

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