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Meet Latha

I hold deep conversations for a living and so do you!

I have experienced the transformative power of a single conversation in my life and deeply care about how we use to talk to shape our daily lives. I truly believe that navigating larger concepts like leadership, culture, team performance, and societal issues start with a small difference in how our conversation shows up.

I have spent the last two decades studying positive conversations first as a doctoral student. Subsequently, as a professor, mentor, facilitator and coach and I hope to continue contributing to this field.

I partner with individuals, groups and organizations to grow their engagement, leadership and performance.

  • Leadership is the art of holding transformative conversations

  • Teams are a collection of cohesive engagement

  • Our relationships are all a fine dance in conversations

An ICF certified coach, team coach, and Certified Marshall Goldsmith GLA 360 practitioner, I bring 17 years of teaching-mentoring-coaching experience and have worked with over 2000 individuals, coaching over 600 hours.

Experienced in designing and delivering complete programs to reflect business-focused learning interventions, running assessments, and creating an instructional design for multiple generations, learning abilities and mediums.

A doctorate with research in Positive Organizational Communication, MBA, and MSc Psychology, working with me, people learn to build trust, lead difficult conversations, cultivate engagement, establish their leadership voice, manage intergenerational conflict and achieve gargantuan performance through collaborative efforts.


Author of 3 books, Talk Action – How Successful Teams Align Conversations with Action, 21 Difficult Conversations - Tools to navigate your most important talk and master exactly what to say and Masterstrokes – Reinventing Leadership in uncertain times, my approach is based on exhaustive research in Positive Psychology, Organizational Communication, Generative Dialogue and Systemic Coaching.

And yes, I am waiting for our conversation! Let’s connect.

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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