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Individual Coaching

Maximise your influence and impact
Nxt Gen Leaders, be 
ready when opportunity knocks

Great leaders and high performers need a deeper understanding of how they are bringing themselves to their roles.

Your leadership really comes down to this:

Who are you and what do you want?

And then the deeper question:

How do you raise the  game?

And then the harder question:

How do you close the gap between intent and impact?



Identify your unique strengths and leverage those talents for maximum professional advantage


Own your gremlins and create audacious solutions 


Close the gap between what you intend and the impact you make.


Enhanced leadership presence to influence, and inspire action

Is this coaching for you?

What you bring to the coaching process –

A deep curiosity about you and your hidden potential

A willingness to be honest about your feelings

An openness to examine your strengths, shadows, aspirations and fears

Ability to take responsibility and accountability

Courage to try out new behaviours

The coaching approach is based on solution focussed coaching, positive psychology and appreciative inquiry and is strongly anchored on ICF competencies and ethics.

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