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Our conversations are those glass pieces, the different lenses which make the kaleidoscope of our lives. Just as fragile, with the ability to reflect and with every turn, some conversations alter our views so much that they transform our lives. Once we get a glimpse of these new patterns, it becomes difficult to go back to an old pattern to live.

Shake them a bit, and new views emerge. Ask a friend to view the lens, and a new perspective emerges. Allow a bit of time to pass, and the lens changes again. That is why our conversations are a kaleidoscope. And this tool—the talk kaleidoscope—is an invite to understand where you stand.

The Talk Kaleidoscope

  • An easy-to-use personal conversation GPS

  • Insightful tool to unpack our conversational awareness

  • An adaptable space that covers a wide range of our interactions

  • A reminder of our personal strengths and discomforts

  • A challenging catalyst that showcases the systemic role of conversations

For a live demonstration of how the wheel works contact Latha.

Do you know your talk comfort zones? Do you want to explore how you can increase your conversational presence?

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