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7 Steps to Scripting your Leadership Masterstroke  

We are standing on the edge of a new era in leadership. The leadership models of the past provide very little in the form of guidance in the future. Leadership is best defined as a journey.

Learning to lead is one of those continuous personal capacities that is only improved with application and practise. As you begin your journey to your leadership, do carry these resources with you.

STEP 1 - Self Mastery

Consider Self Leadership as the foundational step in your leadership journey. Understand and clearly list, want to change, disrupt, create and preserve.

Reflect on what does leadership mean to you. Where do you see yourself as a leader and how do you see yourself leading? What are your leadership qualities?

Examine your mindset. What are your levels of adaptation? How have you tested it? Examine your resilience to bounce back. Explore your curiosity element.

STEP 2 - Trigger your Vision

A clear leadership vision will ensure clarity in all aspects of leadership. A clear vision will also help your followers know what they are striving towards.

STEP 3 - Race towards Disruption

Forecast how do you foresee changes in the market and how do you defend yourselves from the attacks out of the blue. As a leader analyse how do you predict the distance between the noose on your work and your strategy or product.

Identify specific skills and work styles that will fit in your future plan and current team structure, and recruit accordingly.

STEP 4 - Own your followers

Realise that your followers have changed their ways of working and preferences in leaders. Explore the power of the changing ecosystem towards platform business ecosystem and evaluate your leadership skills to successfully lead such a system.

Create an inclusive work environment by utilizing the full potential of all employees and building on complementary skills, backgrounds, and cultural knowledge.

STEP 5 - Kindle V.I.T.A.L Conversations

To create a culture that builds execution muscles and also enriches relationships; one that embraces new ways, is fiercely inclusive and yet when you walk into a room, a meeting, you feel it’s your own corporate way. As a conversational leader you can connect, influence and inspire people around them one conversation at a time.

STEP 6 - Empower your Entrepreneurs

Empowering builds confidence in your team to execute your shared vision, establishes trust and builds the secondary level of leadership required to run the Organization. Boundary the vision, but unleash individual roles to achieve them. Boundary the process but unleash employee way of working and dynamic problem solving. Boundary the values that the Organisation has but unleash how your employees show this value to their team and customers.

STEP 7 - Scale the moment

You convey your leadership through your actions, commentary and behaviour. These are your leadership moments. Scale every one of these moments to build trust and inspiration in your people.

The real test in leadership is in the action and the walking the principles. If leadership is a journey, the book – Masterstrokes, Reinventing leadership in uncertain times is your GPS. The seven steps towards leading in uncertain times will guide you towards success.

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