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Enabling Influence and Presence

Closing the gap between

Intent and Impact

in Emerging Leaders

Discover the best version of yourself, Design the life and career you dream, Become the leader you are.

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Paths to Mastery

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Individual Coaching

Deeply transformative and solution focussed coaching for high performing leaders of tomorrow

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Find Your R.O.A.R

Immersive Learning Program in resonating with your true self, owning your gremlins and creating audacious solutions

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Intentional Influence

Impactful Leadership Workshop on maximising INFLUENCE

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Early and Emerging Leaders lives touched

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Hours of
Coaching & Workshops

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Years of coaching, mentoring, facilitation, and coaching

What Participants Say

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“Latha is thoroughly professional and meticulously picks up the threads of our conversation. She helped me delve deeper into my mental recesses, identify my blind spots and iron them out. She showed a rare combination of gentleness and empowerment to do things at my pace, but nudged me to keep the momentum going. She is a wonderful sounding board and held up the mirror for me to reflect. I looked for a coach and gained a friend. Thanks Latha for your warm and involved interactions.”

Aparna Chandrashekar

Facilitator, HR Consultant & Coach

Who we Serve

We work with Individuals, Organizations, Start ups, Colleges and Universities,  enabling Leadership and career development

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